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September 2021 Minutes

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Attendance – Liz Ruepp, Mr Foti, Brandee Silloway, Stacey Kyea, Lissa Kalbfliesh, Kimberly Macica

Officers’ Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report

Money minder subscription has lapsed. Unanimous vote to renew for $198

Unfinished (Old) business 

  • School Supply Order Recap – 90 kits sold, 84 shipped to school. Profit of $382.93 will be mailed to the school and needs to be cashed within 30 days. Valley Falls United Methodist church donated 2 kits per grade level for students in need. Discussed changing companies next year/ buying in bulk and doing it ourselves (Brandee would be willing to help make boxes). More feedback from teachers and parents is needed. 
  • Food Truck for teachers- very well received, long lines, but everyone enjoyed it
  • Sensory Path – funding for 2 of the paths will be through the district. Kindergarten wing path delayed by the building project
  • Scholarships – a few thank you cards were received from recipients

New Business

  • Tenure Gifts (8) – discussion if this is something that’s been done historically. Liz will reach out to Eric O’Brien for a price range and send out a virtual vote
  •  Funding request
    • Kindergarten Scholastic News 80 students,$5.99 – tabled. Mr Foti will see if this should be through the district.
    • Responsive Classroom handouts $306 – approved, check if extra handouts from last year have been accounted for
  • Fall Fundraiser – ideas – spices, mixed bags…Mr Foti agreed to be some sort of incentive (kiss a pig, etc)
  • Membership Drive – handouts going out to elem this week
  • Halloween/Book Fair – 6th graders and teachers will be asked to provide trunks for trunk or treat on 10/29 in the high school bus loop. Ask for candy donations.
  • Yearbook – Tiffany Hurley has agreed to head up the yearbook.  Treering worked well last year, voted to use them again
  • Elem Staff Room – needs to be spruced up. We need to be sure to adhere to fire ratings for any furniture, etc. Reach out to companies for donations – new fridge, microwave. Maybe add a snack machine? We can reach out to parents for random snack donations. 
  • School Pictures October 25 & 27, PT Conference Dinner, School Banking – wait and see about parent volunteers
  •   Donations
    • Staples donation of school supplies – will put in the staff rooms for teachers 
    • PTO Today sample packets – will put out for conference days

 Future Discussions

  • PTO insurance


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