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PTO Funding Request

Dear Teachers and Staff,

The Hoosic Valley PTO exists to assist the entire Hoosic Valley school community, grades PK-12. We assist in funding of all types of the extracurricular or curricular projects field trips; class room needs or needs for clubs or groups sponsored at the school.

Let us know how we can help you or your group out this year.  There are other options for funding through the school budget as they have budgeted for field trips including the costs for the event itself (such as tickets or admission costs) and for transportation. Additionally, there is funding through the Arts in Education program, that we collaborate with though QUESTAR. However, if you find you still have and extra trip that cannot be funded by the school please do put in a request with us.  And feel free to be creative with your request. It need not be something that has necessarily been done before or a traditional field trip for a class or grade. We really enjoy seeing what types of projects, supplies or other creative ideas that staff and teachers come up with and that we can help with.

Please complete the funding request below as soon as you are able. We do accept these funding forms all year long, but would like to have the initial request as soon as possible so we can distribute evenly throughout the school and grades.

Additionally, we always strive for 100% participation in the Hoosic Valley PTO from out parents as well as our teachers so please also complete the membership form for this year. We start each year off with a new membership list so even if you have filled it out in previous years, please do so again, even if you do not have any current funding requests.

You can reach us via email at

Thanks and we are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you this year.


Liz Ruepp, PTO President

PTO Funding Request