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2022-2023 PTO Officers:
Liz Ruepp, President
Lissa Kalbfliesh, Vice President
Carolyn Gifford, Treasurer
Lisa Meehan, Secretary

Officer Duties:


  • Presides at all meetings
  • Coordinates work of all other officers and committees and committee chairs
  • Set up the meeting dates and event dates for the next school year every June, together with committee chairs
  • Gets chairs of each event or committee in advance of the school year
  • Is a signatory on the checking account
  • Gets out the membership lists to all PK-12 mailboxes for all staff and faculty as well as sending home with every student in PK-6
  • Ensures at BOTH open houses that memberships drives happen


  • Aides the president in all matters
  • Acts as president if president unable
  • Assists with the membership drives and maintaining the google account for updated membership lists on email lists – ensures that all emails get to people regularly on membership list (many people are not on facebook)
  • Ensure that 7-12 is well represented


  • Records meeting minutes and distributes them
  • Keeps all letters, mail, reports (ie Community Partners annual report)
  • Conducts all necessary correspondence
  • has historically done a monthly PTO newsletter sending home and posting everywhere with notes about what PTO is doing, etc



  • Receives and pays all monies; maintains expenditures; gives a report at every meeting of the financial statements and conditions
  • Coordinates with our CPA who does our taxes every year
  • This is the only other signatory on the checking account

The above are the By-Laws definitions of the duties of the offices. The italics are the things that have become traditional parts of each office over time.