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February 2021 Minutes

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Treasurer’s Report:  No report, had a emergency and had no electricity

Committee Reports:

  1.  By Laws Committee
  2. Yearbook Committee
  3. Writing Olympics

Action Items:

  1.  By Laws Committee – emailed the final copy to all the committee members last Friday, committee agrees she can bring the finalized report to the next meeting
  2. Yearbook committee:  not present at this meeting if any one is interested in helping they will welcome additional support (contact Liz or Amelia)
  3. Writing Olympics Committee:  Thinking about doing the submissions digitally and setting up a course via Schoology.  The book will contain content from this year and last year due to the shutdown last year.  Author celebration, remote?  Possibly live at the end of the year.  Erin is looking for others to join her committee and help out.  She will reach out to Mr. Foti for approval for a Schoology platform, and to get information out to the writers.

Unfinished (Old) Business

  1.  Teacher Wish Lists
  2. Virtual Bingo

Action Items:

  1.  Teacher Wish Lists, they did go out to the teachers (10/12 back) will push out another email to remind them to get them back to Liz.  Amelia is working on getting a page setup and making it go live after a few more lists come in.  
  2. Virtual Bingo (Lisa and Bridget) sent out committee emails.  Lisa looked into other schools doing virtual bingo to get information and what sites they used.  Next task is to set up a trial run. The only issue is prizes or no prizes? Any input is valuable.  Maybe for the first one just keep it a community activity event.  Or possibly do coupon codes for Scholastic gift cards.  Tentative date is still Friday March 5th.

New Business

  1.  School Garden
  2. Funding Request:  Kindergarten
  3. Funding Request- Science Research
  4. Capital Project
  5. Spring Pic date
  6. Teacher Appreciation Week
  7. Grants/Funding/Donations Future Discussion
  8. PARP

Action Items:

  1.  School Garden:  Angelia Ross Hickson is looking to retire.  Looking to find 2 people to take over the school garden, ideally a garden manager (2-3/wk, March to October) should be divided between all members and an educator (2/wk March to June)  food for the food pantry, families volunteered to water, weed, pick etc.  She would still like to stay on and be involved in the grant portion for funding.  We could help put the word out there, and if anyone is interested we could be the liaison.  We can put something on Facebook and all members spread the word about this great program.
  2. Funding Request:  Kindergarten asking for 55.00 pool noodles for movement and brain breaks.  Motion to vote, second.  All in favor no one opposed, motion passed.
  3. Funding Request:  Science Research They will be attending a virtual symposium on March 10th, and looking for 100.00 for lunch that day.  Motion to vote, seconded.  All in favor, no one opposed.  Motion passed.  
  4. Motioned to vote for 2nd grade to get pool noodles, Bridget will submit the paperwork tomorrow.
  5. Capital Project.  Looking for groups to give inputs on our needs.  PTO would like a  closet for PTO to store files and everything for our events.  Also discussed being able to have access to screen share and advanced technology.  
  6. Spring Pic Date, questioning if we had spring pictures in the past? Confirmed that they have happened  Will talk to the lifetouch representative and speak to the school.  The date on our contract is March 25th.  And the 6th grade graduation pictures happen in May.
  7. Teacher Appreciation Week.  Occurs the 1st week in May.  Christa has an idea:  Tote bag with custom graphic.  Members are asked if there are any other great ideas, please start thinking about this. Janice said the food trucks were extremely successful and the teachers would appreciate it, so possibly at the end of the appreciation week.  Bridget suggested the farmers feed bunk as well.  
  8. Grants/Funding/Donations Future Discussion.  It is funding season for PTOs.  Bessie informed us and we submitted a request for a free American girl doll. 
    Oriental Trading approved a 25.00 merchandise gift card for Parp. 
    Aldi’s giving back – request submitted 200.00 for the Zillah Herrington.  Ring doorbell – request submitted, will give a free doorbell. 

    Kohl’s and Walmart both do grants. Walmart (250-5,000).  We need great ideas for high funding purposes.  Maybe an addition to the playground? (we need to reach out to the school and see if possible).  Possibly for a fantastic field day for the kids. Brainstorm for the large funding ideas. 

    Staples/Big Lots/Office Max will donate to schools/PTOs to get free supplies.  
  9. PARP:  Everyone is excited about it.  Will have to touch base with Amelia, selling the shirts through the store front.  PTO could do an email blast, parents could volunteer to make ocean animals to help fill the wall space. 

Adjournment:  7:28pm 

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