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December 2020 Minutes

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Liz Ruepp, Amelia Manders, Melissa Kalbfliesh, Stacy Kyea, Mai Mysliwiec, Marc Iorio, Tiffany Hurley, Sarah Weber, Charles Pemburn, Lisa Meehan, Christa Waryas, Tracey Knickerbocker, Kimberly Macica, Karen Carlson, Megan Luskin 

Call to order:  6:05

Minutes – approval of 11/4 minutes approval (10)

Officers reports:

  • President:  Membership report:  We have 52 official paid members. Each member has received a certificate of membership, something that has not been done in the past years.
  • Treasurers: Deposit of  2291.98 (sales from lifetouch, yearbook sales, membership dues). There are still a few more deposits to make. Official numbers will be updated after everything is reconciled. We are awaiting a check for 606.75 from HVEF for a shared event.We received the new debit card for online purchases.
  • Secretary:  Newsletter is in the works.

Committee Reports:

  •  Bylaws committee: completed a 1st and 2nd pass through and made updates. Once a final copy is reviewed committee members will present it to PTO members for acceptance.
  • Yearbook committee: Amelia reached out to Tree Ring. The prices had risen since the last quote. Are we looking at this as a service (not make money on it)? Is feasible this year? Pictures –  From kathy?  Teachers?  A lot of the content itself doesn’t exist.  Kathy emailed teachers and set up a google drive for the teachers and set it up for them for the school year for the yearbook.  Another option: reduced yearbook,  just book of portraits and charge less. Possible content:  COVID timeline when school shut down.  Tiffany is going to help Amelia with ideas  Lifetouch just sent her all the portraits.  

Unfinished (old business):

  • Festival of wreaths Erika reached out and Cori got her the pictures of the wreaths. It will be strictly virtual.  Amelia will set up through the store and it will go live in the next few days. There’s a 2% fee to run credit card, we will have the option for the buyer to absorb the cost. Possibly give the members a “free” ticket as a perk of membership.  
  • Stock the Staff room We stocked the staff rooms with snacks and drinks to help lift their spirits. We had a 200.00 budget (email vote) and came in at 189.89. We purchased candy bars, muffins, seltzer, cookies etc.  It was very well received and very much appreciated.
  • Teacher wish lists:  We will start that process to get on PTO website once everything settles down (HS and elementary)

New business:

  •  Food Program: Marc Iorio: USDA free meal program provides breakfast and lunch free of cost until at the end of the school year, available to all children in the district. There is enough for everyone you will not be taking from someone that needs it more. This is a federally funded program.  Meal delivery works the same way as 12/8 sign up through the school website. Will look into if it can be delivered daycare or just home address.  Accommodations for allergies  on sign up.
  • Meeting Dates: Meeting dates Jan-June. We had  set Sept-Dec meetings on an alternating  Monday/Wednesday schedule to allow people to attend Board meetings.Reevaluating the rest of the year the decision was made to switch all the meetings to 6:30 on the first Wednesday of the month for the remainder of the school year.

Future discussion:

  •  Possible activity for Jan/Feb
    •  Virtual bingo.   Lisa and Liz played a test game. Maybe a teacher could host virtual bingo – Mrs Chapko has done it in the past and was a very good host, maybe reach out to her or have guest callers.  
    • Unstuffed animals and having a “virtual” stuffing party.  
    • Virtual trivia night –  could do a targeted age group.  
    • At home paint and sip/snack virtually.  
  • Would love to hear from other people, online events to see what people would like to do. Possibly send out a poll to survey.

Discussion on prizes – donation to the backpack program or purchase something off the teacher wish list, scholastic gift certificates  

Adjournment:  6:45pm 

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