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Zillah Herrington Literacy Program

You might hear us talk about donating to “Zillah”, but do you know what it’s all about?

Zillah Herrington was known as a strong community leader who recognized the value of academic achievements and knew that getting students to read more also helped them to reach their goals. Zillah was a longtime member of Hoosic Valley’s Parent Teacher Association and founder of the Hoosic Valley Incentive Awards Program (now known as the Zillah Herrington Literacy Awards). Zillah felt reading was a very important part of a student’s success. She started this program in 1960 with $100 from Union National Bank which helped donate books to students, and the program only grew from there. Zillah Herrington proves that one person can make a difference!

In addition to academic awards in grades 4-6, your generous contributions also enable us to provide our students in Grades PK – 6 with a new book to take home and add to their home libraries. PTO is proud to be a part of the Zillah Herrington Literacy Program and with your help we will continue to build the love for reading one book at a time for generations to come. Your contributions are an investment that has immeasurable returns. Help support this program by donating today!