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Senior Walk and Scholarships

The Scholarship committee is in need of volunteers! 

Please consider donating your time to this committee, and the best part……it can all be done within your schedule.  Your responsibilities would include reading over different submissions to different PTO scholarships offered and helping to decide the best applicant for each scholarship.  All communication is done via email, so if you are interested or need more details, please feel free to email me at: or

Please note while this committee seems like an “easy” one, it is extremely important that you take your time, and read through the specific scholarship criteria and each submission carefully.  Each application will be presented anonymously however if you have a conflict of interest, we kindly ask you don’t join the committee.  
Thank you!

PTO Character Award

The following is the criteria :

Member of the senior graduating class 

Current student at Hoosic Valley 

Shows empathy for fellow students 

Shows a positive attitude in and around the school community Shows kindness and consideration to others 

Shows respect to fellow students, teachers and staff 

PTO is looking for nominations of students that are not necessarily  students “leaders” as we traditionally think of students who are involved  in a variety of school and community activities, but students who convey a  sense of good character and respect to all. Certainly this could include  someone who is also a good “leader” in our school community but those  who are just as committed to good character without that extra leadership  ability should also be considered for this award. Grades or class rank are  NOT to be factored into this award. 

Johnsonville Ambulance Scholarship

The following will be the requirements for the JVAS scholarship

The recipient(s) must meet 2 qualifications:

Pursuing a degree or certificate in the Health Services field, and

A history of active community service/volunteerism, verified. 

One of our favorite events is one that the community never sees- the Senior Walk! Seniors in their caps and gowns walk the halls of the elementary school amid applause and cheers to remember where they’ve been and show our younger students where they’ll be in just a few short years! After their walk and a few photos they head off to their Senior Picnic where they receive a farewell gift from the PTO.