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Author: PTO President

May 2021 Minutes

PTO MINUTES 5/5/2021

5/5/2021 @ 6:30pm

Virtual zoom meeting



Carolyn Gifford, Liz Ruepp, Mr P, Bridget Chapko, Cori Kinnicutt, Sarah Weber, Tiffany Hurley, Mark Foti, Erika Silverman, Stacey Kyea, Melissa Kalbfliesh

Mtg start time: 6:33pm

Officers Report:

June 9 Agenda

Hoosic Valley PTO

Meeting Date: 6/9/2021 @6:30 pm

Meeting location: Parking Lot

  • Call to Order
  • Minutes:  Review of minutes from 5/5/21
  • Officers’ Reports
    • Treasurer’s Report
  •   Committee Reports 
    • Yearbook
  • Unfinished (Old) business 
    • Spring raffle
    • School Photographer
    • School Supplies
    • Book Fair
    • Food Truck
    • Sensory Path
    • Zillah
    • Senior walk
    • Scholarships
  • New Business
    •  Funding request – Mrs Hastey
  • Future Discussions
  • Adjournment 

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May 5, 2021 Agenda

Hoosic Valley PTO

Meeting Date: 5/5/2021 @6:30 pm

Meeting location: Virtual Zoom Meeting

  • 1. Call to Order
  • 2. Minutes:  Review of minutes from 4/14/2021
  • 3. Officers’ Reports
    •   Treasurer’s Report
  •  4. Committee Reports 
    • a. Yearbook
    • b. Writing Olympics
    • c. Teacher Appreciation

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March 2021 Minutes

Hoosic Valley PTO Minutes 


Virtual mtg at 6:30

Attendees: Carolyn Gifford, Melissa Kalbfliesh, Lisa Meehan, Stacey Smolinski, Liz Ruepp, Brandee Silloway, Kimberly Macica, Sarah Weber, Darcy Beaulac, Ericka Silverman, Amelia Manders, Meghan Luskin, Karen Carlson, Janice Lee, Tiffany Hurley 


Review of minutes from February

Officers Reports:

  1.  Treasurer’s Report:  250.00 check for the yearbook for highschool.  50.00 deposit from capcom and 10.00 donation.  And purchase of pool noodles for K and 2nd grade:  105.98.  Will get the detailed report later.  Feb. 31.84 Without above 22,597.76 is the balance inthe bank account.  Also applied for the stewart’s holiday match, they will let us know in March.  Income and expense report in the folder 

Committee Reports:

  1.  By laws Committee

Thumbs up last month for committee members that were present.   Will share the updated bylaws with the rest of PTO members to vote upon for next meeting.  Can reach out to Sarah committee chair or Liz as the president and if changes need to be made to bylaws.

  1.  Yearbook Committee

Trying to figure out a theme to go with.  2 options:  Where the wild things are?  Or Rocket/Space rocket theme?  Going to go with the “max” theme.  At a standstill because she doesn’t have a class list, with the way school started.  Liz will touch base with Cori tomorrow to hopefully get that.  Will meet with Tiffany for more ideas to put within the yearbook.  

  1.  Writing Olympics committee:

Submissions and editing will be easier, because the kids can submit through schoology and google docs.  Erin thoughts on a schedule, hopefully a flyer will be sent out next Wednesday within school.  Stories and artwork would be due March 31st.  April 21st to the printers.  And having a virtual author night the week before memorial day.  For authors night either send out a video or do a large virtual mtg.  Or to break into smaller groups “virtual classrooms” and then students can read their stories within the groups.  

Print last years with this year’s due to everything that happened with the school shutdowns.  Karen came up with the idea of possibly recording the kids reading the books.  Erin will need help with setting up the virtual meetings, or contact her if you want to help any way possible.  We can set up google meets through the PTO platform.

Unfinished Old Business:

  1. Teacher Wish Lists

Amelia has started those.  15 total lists between the 2 schools.  Liz will send another reminder email to the teachers.  The list is live, but not linked off a menu yet.  After all the teachers list are on the website then they will be linked through.  

  1. Virtual Bingo

All set to go Friday night March 5th.  Brigette and Lisa ran a test control this past weekend, it all went well!  Looking at possibly 15  families (60 cards).   Lisa has a couple 5.00 target cards, and was going to run past Brigette to give to people with “creativity”.  Have until midnight Thursday night before Bingo to sign up.  

  1. Teacher Appreciation

Last month we talked about another “chalk the walk” and the Farmer’s Feed bunk.  It is the 1st full week in May.  We are looking for good ideas, because we can’t get into the actual school for the teachers. Some schools do a theme for every day of appreciation week.  Sarah came up with the idea of decorating with the posters.  Possibly form a committee.  Sarah, Stacy, Liz all volunteered to run the committee.  Will hopefully have a great 

  1. Spring Picture Date:  March 29th, Cori wants a volunteer in the building for that.  Amanda Akin volunteered awhile ago and Liz was going to touch base with her to see if she could.  Liz is going to track down someone with Lifetouch, but our representative left.  Liz would love to hear about other photographers to possibly come in for school pictures.  (not ismile or lifetouch).  And 6th grade graduation pics should be in May.  Will also encourage teachers to go get a picture if they haven’t already.  
  2. Grants/Funding/Donations

200.00 Aldi’s grant to be applied to the Zillah Herrington Awards.  Still waiting to hear back from other grants and donations that PTO applied too.  Cori was going to reach out to the teachers regarding Zillah Herrington and what we can do other than handing out books the beginning of the month

  1.  PARP:  Kids are having a blast with it.  Many teachers stayed and decorated the Friday night before.  So thankful for the faculty and support for this program.  As a school raised almost 2500.00 for Ronald Mcdonald in the first 2 days.  PTO will get 10%.  Trying to figure out school raffles.  She is going to wait and see with grant money and has yet to buy any gift certificates.  She won’t pull the raffles until after April break.  

New Business:

  1.   Sensory Path

Come up within the budget workshops in conversation.  Brighten up the school inside and sensory path for the students.  PTO could assist in the funding.  The school should fund as well and could guide the project.  There is another budget workshop March 18th, all people all welcome to join in the conversation or go.  Margaret Rice has a lot of knowledge and information on the project.  Maybe HVEF could help with funding as well.  Walmart’s program has a max of 5,000.00-10,000.00 that no one in our district has applied for.  

  1. Senior Banners 

            Flags of the senior pics throughout the town.  Cost 1200.00 for each group as a contribution.  Seniors got to bring their pictures back home after graduation.  Seniors could possibly contribute to it financially.  Booster club would like to do the banquet still so they wouldn’t be able to contribute financially to both.  Will “discuss” the topic and she can go back to the senior advisors and let them know.  Can report back to PTO next month.  

  1.  MAC:  Share request:  increase the part time band teacher in elementary to full time.  In an effort to strengthen the department. Administration is behind this.  It used to be 4 full time k-12.  A concern we don’t have the numbers to justify it, during the budget workshop.  If you feel strongly about this for the music department, let people know and let the board know.  It would be a 21,000 budget increase.  You can email board members with your thoughts.  

Future Discussions:

Doing a buy 1 get 1 free for scholastic for 1 night only?  Is it a possibility.  Maybe make it a targeted night.  

Christa mentioned the Park Ave Confectionery in Mechanicville was doing a fundraiser for another school.  Any opinions for that?  Liz will contact them to see what their terms are and if possible to do in time for Easter

Also a meet the school board candidate night, should look into scheduling that

Adjournment:   7:52pm